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First, if your ammo is not close to factory specs then it probably will not work in our barrel chamber.

The overall length is very important and should match the bullet style exactly! Round nose, hollow point and flat nose bullets, each style will require a different over all length for proper feeding.

If you are using range or used brass then you, should chamber check every round you reload and the ones that stick in the chamber from the brass being bulged should be culled and not used in our barrel.

If factory ammo works then it is your reloads and you should strive to fix them.

You have spent good money to get the best barrel on the market, so why would you not use the best ammo? Just because you have been reloading for years without problems for the factory barrel, bear in mind that our chambers are Middle SAMII spec. Most factory chambers are over max SAAMI specifications.

Some notes on sizing your ammo. To set the sizing die bring the loading head that holds the brass all the way up to full stroke. Then screw your sizing die down until it touches the face plate. Then back off VERY slightly, not much maybe .010 or so just enough to allow for slight variance in the loading press. This will help ensure full length resizing of your brass. We recommend you find a set of dies that have little or no lead- in chamfer on the opening of the sizing die. EGW sells under size dies for .40 S&W and 38 super

If you must long load as some do for USPSA and such then you might need the LEED of the chamber lengthened. We do have reamers for this but can only go so far. If you ask ahead for this we will do it no charge but if you send it back then shipping and a 25.00 fee will be charged. Be WARNED that doing this does affect accuracy. If you then go to normal length ammo the bullet will free float and there will be gas blow by which, will affect the bullet flight!

We have over size chamber reamers that which open up the chambers quite a bit. This is fine as long as you understand brass life is affected as you will be expanding the brass past its intended mark. Brass is soft and will give up over a much shorter period of time. With the price of brass and ammo, this may not be the best option but we will be happy to do it upon request.

Accuracy can be affected a little as presentation of the bullet to the leed of the chamber is affected.